Refinance today and get a $550 cash bonus.

Commonbond Student Loan Refinancing


$550 Cash Back Bonus

Seeking private loans to finish your undergraduate or graduate degree? CommonBond is one of the leading private lenders with competitive interest rates, and excellent repayment terms.

 Additionally, CommonBond offers student loan refinancing to graduates and to parents with Parent PLUS loans. Lately, CommonBond has been offering extremely competitive rates for refinancing.


  • If you are in training, they will consider your future attending paycheck if you have a contract in hand in the last 12 months in training.
  • Great protection for your loans (strong language on discharge of loans with death or disability).
  • CB allows you to consolidate with your spouse’s loans.
  • Refinance for a Good Cause: Every loan that is refinanced pays for one year of education for a child in Ghana. CommonBond has financed over educations for over 5,000 children already.


  • Resident refinancing is only available in the last 12 months of training. Interest accrues during that last year.















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